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What Are the Risks of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol?

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Even the slightest alcohol amount in your bloodstream can affect your ability to drive. The alcohol abuse’s effects greatly vary, which still puts you in danger of causing a highway injury or an accident. Safe driving will need the capability to concentrate, immediately respond to situations, and make good judgments. But, these skills can be affected if alcohol will be involved, which puts you and others at risk. Below are many ways how alcohol can impact your skills in driving. If you ever get stopped by an officer because of DUI, contact the best Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers.

Constrain judgment

Your brain is the one that’s in control regarding how you evaluate particular situations. If you’re driving a motorized automobile, your judgment skills play a vital role when it comes to clear decision making in the event another automobile cuts you off. Your judgment will aid you to be aware and alert of your surroundings as you drive.

Decrease Vision

Too much consumption of alcohol can be detrimental to your vision. You might have observed that after you drink, it’s either you cannot fully control your eye movement or your vision gets blurry. Moreover, lesser objects might be seen within your peripheral vision—this is what you see to either of the sides on your vision while gazing straight ahead.

Minimize concentration

Regardless of the amount of alcohol you consume, it can still impact your concentration. When it comes to driving, there are a lot of things that need your full concentration like the traffic signals, other cars on the road, your speed, and staying in your lane. Your attention span will be greatly minimized with drinking, which considerably boosts the possibility of being in an accident.

Lack of coordination

Heavy drinking can affect various motor skills you have, like the foot, hand, and eye coordination. If you lack such important coordination skills, you might be unable to prevent a possibly dangerous situation. Other warning indicators of lack of coordination include the inability to stand straight, swaying, and a difficulty to walk. Excessive alcohol can even make it challenging to get in your vehicle and look for its ignition.

Slow reaction time

If alcohol will reach into your system, it can impact how rapidly you can react to various instances. Drinking can slow your response time, which increases the possibility of accidents. Thus, when a pedestrian crosses the street or the vehicle ahead of you suddenly breaks, it’ll take longer for your brain to comprehend the situation and stop an accident.

Bad decision making

One of the reasons why people relish in drinking alcohol is because it reduces their inhibitions. Frequently, people get more outgoing and happier after some drinks. If you typically have a reserved or shy personality, consuming a drink during night out might be a great idea.

However, this is also one of the reasons why you should refrain from driving under the influence since it leads to bad decisions. Though you may think that you’re good to drive on the road, you can be wrong. If you get bad decision making, it could result in hazardous maneuvers or speeding that can result in unforeseen accidents.

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