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How to Maintain Your Home between House Cleaner Visits

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It’s hard to keep up with your household chores, especially if you also have a 9 to 5 job to keep. That’s the reason why hired housekeepers are quite popular these days. But the thing is that you can’t hire them every day to clean your house things will get very expensive for you. An average home usually has the house cleaners over once every two weeks. For those who can afford it, they’ll hire them once a week.

House Cleaning Barrie

It’s true that housekeepers can make things a whole lot easier for. They’re the extra hands that you need to get your laundry done fast. They’ll also dust and sweep your floor so you don’t have to do that often. They’ll also help you organize your stuff.

But then again, you can’t trust everything with your housekeeper, can you? They can help you do a lot of cleaning projects but they can’t be with you all the time to handle the small cleaning, sprucing, and straightening up that your house needs. To make sure that your home is tidy and organized between your housekeeper’s visits, here are some tips to follow:

1. Keep loose stuff.

Don’t let loose stuff lying about the room for days. Once you see something that’s not in its proper place, put it back immediately. Ask your kids to pick up after themselves. Tell them to keep their toys in the box after their done playing with it. As for you, makes sure that your mail, shoes, and clothes are in the right places at all times.

2. Give your housekeeper easy access.

Imagine if the housekeeper needs to organize your stuff before they can get to vacuum the carpet. They’ll be spending precious minutes doing easy chores instead of getting to the more difficult ones like mopping the floor or scrubbing the tiles. Try to do all the easy stuff before your housekeeper arrives so you don’t have to them for extra hours.

3. Sweep the floors.

Try to sweep the floors every day. That way, your housekeeper can do deep cleaning immediately. But more importantly, your home will look better every day if it is swept clean of dust, mites, and allergens. Your family is healthier, too.

4. Sort your laundry.

Doing the laundry is not everyone’s favorite task. Try to make it simpler for your housekeeper by getting things ready for her. Have several hampers for whites, colored, and delicate clothes. You should also have all the towels and linens rounded up if you intend to make them do the laundry for you. Leave your housekeeping instructions when doing the laundry.

5. Keep the fridge fresh.

Keeping the fridge fresh is more than just putting the food items in the right places. Try to put some baking soda inside your fridge as that helps absorb the odor inside. A fresh-smelling fridge is easier to clean. It’s also much better to use as well.

These are the things that you have to do before the experts in house cleaning Barrie comes around. These are just light cleaning tips that would get you a more efficiently cleaned home at a reasonable price.

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